Invitation to Lizzy Benner's farewell party at HTH on Sept. 15, 2018

To Lizzy, with Love

September 10, 2018

Long before I got the crazy notion to turn an old carpet store into a craft brewery and restaurant, I was friends with Lizzy Benner. Her positions in my life include babysitter, neighbor, bartender, front of house manager and most importantly, dear friend. I continue to be amazed at the person she has become.

Lizzy is the most dedicated and loving parent, sister, and daughter you’ll ever meet. She’s a huge advocate of the arts and one of the many creative forces behind the Beverly Arts Alliance. Lizzy is also passionate about local music, which is evident in the talented bands that she brings to Horse Thief Hollow. She’s a community leader who supports countless local causes, from organizations that help the less fortunate to efforts to make Beverly more bicycle friendly. Her optimism and enthusiasm are contagious.

When the idea of Horse Thief started brewing in my head, I knew that I wanted Lizzy on my team. I believe if you hire well and give people a genuine opportunity to succeed, they will impact your business more than you could’ve imagined. Nearly 6 years in, Lizzy has proven me right. Her seasonal craft cocktails are delicious works of art. Her creativity, passion for the arts, warmth and huge heart have helped shape Horse Thief into a unique and thriving business with a loyal following. Lizzy has been an integral part of not only our operations but the entire Beverly community. I consider her a true visionary and leader.

As Horse Thief has grown, Lizzy and I have arrived at something of a creative crossroads. We both want to explore some new ideas and give each other space to do that. You may not see Lizzy behind the bar at Horse Thief, but you’ll still feel her presence behind the scenes. It’s not the end of an era but more of an evolution. Lizzy will be consulting with us to keep our focus on great local live music and rockin’ celebrations for you. And she’ll continue to share her creative talents with us as we plan special events and upcoming exhibits. The best part is, we’ll still be good friends.

In that spirit, you’re all invited to shower Lizzy with love at a special celebration honoring her on September 15. We’ll have the Juke Shakers rocking the house, and drink specials that are Lizzy worthy. So come on out, and let’s toast a great woman.