On Tap

At Horse Thief Hollow, we offer a selection of handcrafted beers at our South side brewery every day, including at least one unique seasonal brew. Our mainstays include Spoonful, a hazy IPA, and Little Wing, an American Pilsner. We’re also inspired to brew specialty beers for community events or causes. All of our craft beers feature the finest fresh milled barley and hops, plus unique strains of yeast. And because we don’t believe in waste, we use our spent grain to make our popular malty soft pretzels. (Which are delicious with a pint of beer!)

Beer Flights

Beer flights are a great way to sample what’s on tap. Choose any six varieties, and we’ll pour you a flight of 4-ounce glasses for just $8. When you’ve picked your favorites, you can take them home in a 64-ounce growler. Or, if you’re having a party, a keg. We offer a 1/6-barrel keg, which holds just over 5 gallons of beer, as well as a full keg that holds 15.5 gallons of suds.

Our beers feature the finest fresh-milled barley, specialty yeasts, and hops sourced locally and from around the world. We take great pride in brewing our beer right here in Beverly, on Chicago’s South side. Come see us, and taste that pride for yourself.

Our Brews

On Tap at the Hollow

Little Wing

6.00; 4-pack 16 oz. cans ~ 10.00; 64 oz. growler ~ 16.00

American Pilsner brewed with 100% malted barley. ~ 5.2% ABV, 22 IBU. 16 oz. pint.


7.00; 64 oz. growler ~ 22.00

Dedicated to Neil's beloved German Shorthaired Pointer, Lily is a crisp and tart Berliner Weisse infused with black currant. Her coloring, heritage, and sheer joy she radiated inspired this beer. A portion of proceeds will benefit Illinois Shorthair Rescue. ~ 4.5% ABV, 5 IBU, 16 oz. pint.

Kitchen Sink

6.00; 64 oz. growler ~ 16.00

American Pale Ale brewed with American and European hops and flaked rye. ~ 5.7% ABV, 45 IBU. 16 oz. pint.

Ridge Rider

6.00; 64 oz. growler ~ 16.00

New school American Pale Ale with Citra & Mosaic hops ~ 5.8% ABV, 78 IBU. 16 oz. pint.

Polar Plunge (2020)

7.00; 64 oz. growler ~ 22.00

"Icelandic" Hazy IPA brewed with Sultana, Azacca, Mosaic, and Cascade hops, and fermented with Norwegian Hornindal Kveik yeast from Omega Yeast Labs. Dank and juicy. ~ 6.6% ABV, 27 IBU, 16 oz. pint.


7.00; 64 oz. growler ~ 24.00

Double dry-hopped Hazy IPA. ~ 6.5% ABV, 100 IBU. 16 oz. pint.

Cheval Deux

6.00; 64 oz. growler ~ 25.00

Bière de Garde, or French Farmhouse Ale. A 2014 World Beer Cup Silver Medalist, this unique ale is infused with sweet potatoes, vanilla, and spices. ~ 5.8% ABV, 25 IBU. 12 oz snifter.

Delta Hurricane

7.00; 64 oz. growler ~ 22.00

Milk stout with chicory and coffee. Inspired by the New Orleans coffee blend. ~ 6.9% ABV, 27 IBU, 16 oz pint.


6.00; 64-oz. growler ~ $16

Classic Saison inspired by the Belgian farmhouse brewing tradition. Notes of lemon peel, peppercorn, and juicy fruit with a dry finish that begs for another sip. ~ 7.1% ABV, 29 IBU, 16 oz. pint.


6.00; 64 oz. growler ~ 16.00

West-coast style IPA. ~ 7.2% ABV, 67 IBU. 16 oz. pint.

Wooden Lynx

$8.00; 64 oz. growler ~ 29.00

Barleywine fermented with Norwegian Kviek yeast, aged in Buffalo Trace barrels. ~ 12.5% ABV, 60 IBU. 12 oz. snifter.