There’s nothing like a keg of fresh craft beer to make a party special. Horse Thief Hollow offers retail kegs of our brews to make your next event unforgettable!

Ordering a Keg

We recommend placing a keg order at least 7 days before your requested pick-up date. Keg availability is often changing and is dependent on inventory. Check our current list of beers on tap listed below to explore your options. Not all beers currently on tap may be available for keg sales, but we’ll do our best for you.

Choosing a Size

Our kegs are offered in a variety of sizes, subject to availability. Those sizes include 1/2 BBL, 1/4 BBL, and 1/6 BBL. Fun fact: “BBL” stands for “Barrel of Beer.” A full barrel contains 31 gallons! A standard keg size is a 1/2 BBL, which holds half that amount. Use this handy guide to select the best size for your event:

1/2 BBL 15.5 Gallons 165 12oz beers Good for 40-80 ppl
1/6 BBL 5.16 Gallons 55 12oz beers Good for 10-30 ppl*

*For fewer than 10 people consider our 64-ounce growlers.

The Process

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page, letting us know what delicious HTH craft beer you’d like to order, and give us your contact information. We’ll send an email letting you know the next steps. We’ll confirm availability of the beer or offer a couple of alternates, and we’ll provide the total cost, including the cash deposit that’s due when you pick up the beer.

Deposit Policy

When you pick up and pay for your beer, you’ll also need to leave a CASH DEPOSIT. This money will be fully refunded if the equipment is returned in good working order within 7 days. If you fail to return equipment in good working condition or beyond the 7-day rental, then you will forfeit your deposit. Long-term keg rentals are available for a personal draft system (kegerator) but must be coordinated during pick up and returned within 60 days.

  • 1/6 bbl keg = $75 deposit
  • 1/2 bbl keg = $100 deposit
  • Hand-pump keg taps = $5 fee + $40 deposit

On Tap

We offer a rotating selection of craft beers brewed in house by Jake Nelson. You’re welcome to order growlers or cans to go.

Little Wing

16 oz. pint ~ 6; 64 oz. growler ~ 16

Our award-winning American Pilsner ~ 5.2% ABV

Soul Train: Mango & Guava

14 oz Teku ~ 8; 64 oz growler ~ 28

The second release in our new Soul Train Sour Series. This time we are featuring juicy mango and guava. ~ 5.3% ABV

Wasserwolf Jäger

0.5 L stein ~ 7; 1 L stein ~ 12; 64 oz growler ~ 20

Wasserwolf Jäger is our Munich-style Dunkel (dark lager) brewed yearly to celebrate the Oktoberfest season. Munich malts are at the heart of the beer, adding a rich bready character with light toasty notes, followed by a hint of raisin and chocolate. Fermented cold with our house lager yeast strain and lightly hopped with classic German noble hop varieties, Wasserwolf Jäger is clean and refreshing while still carrying a nice malty sweetness that goes so well with this time of year. ~ 5.3% ABV

Mannish Boy

16 oz pint ~ 7; 64 oz growler ~ 20

Made to be a fully sessionable stout, this is a smaller beer that still packs a lot of flavor. Roasted Barley and Dark Chocolate malt lend notes of freshly roasted coffee and chocolate that are balanced by a sticky resin hop character from late-addition Cascade and Simcoe hops. Overall, Mannish Boy a lighter bodied and moderately hopped stout that does not fatigue the palate with sweetness. ~ 5.0% ABV

Boogie Chillen'

16 oz pint ~ 7; 64 oz growler ~ 20

Grapefruit Pale Ale, an extremely refreshing, crisp beer that's perfect for sipping under clear skies. 5.5% ABV

Kitchen Sink

16 oz pint ~ 6; 64 oz growler ~ 18

Classic American Pale Ale with a caramel malt backbone featuring a load of hops with Cascade at the forefront. ~ 5.3% ABV

The Ringer

16 oz pint ~ 8; 64 oz growler ~ 22

White IPA. A hybrid style that crosses a Belgian-style Witbier with an American IPA. This wheat beer is lightly dosed with coriander and orange peel before being loaded with hops including Citra, Amarillo. Azacca, and Motueka for notes of grapefruit, orange, peach, and lime zest with a lightly yeasty and bitter finish. ~ 6.1% ABV


16 oz pint ~ 8; 64 oz growler ~ 22

Hazy IPA brewed in collaboration with The Beverly Area Arts Alliance to celebrate the 10th Annual Beverly Art Walk. BAX is a lighter-bodied Hazy IPA heavily hopped with Citra, Ekuanot, Vista, & Grüngeist for notes of white peach, clementine, ripe honeydew, passion fruit, and raspberries. ~ 6.3% ABV


16 oz. pint ~ 8; 64 oz. growler ~ 22

Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA with Mosaic and Citra Hops ~ 6.5% ABV


16 oz pint ~ 7; 64 oz growler ~ 20

West Coast IPA featuring citrus and pine notes with a firm bitterness and semi-dry finish. ~ 7.2% ABV


12 oz snifter ~ 7; 64 oz growler ~ 30

Belgian-style Tripel Ale. Golden colored with notes of honey, pear, apple, spice, and a hint of banana with a warming and slightly sweet finish. ~ 9.0% ABV

Complete the form below to get your keg order rolling!

Keg FAQs

How much beer do you need?
A sixth-barrel keg holds just over 5 gallons of beer, which is approximately 41 (16oz) pints, or 55 (12oz) pours. Half-barrel kegs hold about 15.5 gallons and contain approximately 124 (16oz) pints or 165 (12oz) pours.

When can I pick up a reserved keg or return a previously used keg to the brewery?
Keg pickup and return is available at any time during Horse Thief Hollow’s normal opening hours of operation.

How & when should I tap the keg?
Our team would be happy to show you how to tap the keg when you pick it up. While you may want to immediately tap the keg, it is best to wait for it to cool down. We recommend allowing the keg to sit in your kegerator for about 24 hours (or on ice for an hour or two for party kegs), with the temperature as close to 38 degrees as possible. This will ensure the beer in the keg is at the appropriate temperature for dispensing. Keep this in mind and order your keg far enough ahead of time to account for the recommended acclimation time. In addition, letting the keg sit for a while allows it to settle down. The transportation process will shake up a keg, no matter how careful your drive, and this can create foaming issues. Think of a keg like a giant can of beer: if you shake it around and open it right away, you will have foamy beer.

When operating a manual pump-style tap, please remember to not “over-pump.” Once connected to a pump tap, most kegs just need a couple pumps after the faucet is opened to get a nice steady beer flow…then stop pumping, so beer doesn’t get over-aerated and foamy. Likewise, when using a CO2 tank (as in the case of a kegerator system) instead of a hand pump, be careful not to over-carbonate the beer, which would also result in foaming issues.

How long will “tapped” beer keep before it loses quality?
If you are dispensing the beer with CO2 and the keg is kept cold (38 degrees), a keg will last approximately three months. If you are dispensing the beer with a manual pump-style tap, the beer will stay fresh for approximately twelve hours.