There’s nothing like a keg of fresh craft beer to make a party special. Horse Thief Hollow offers retail kegs of our brews to make your next event unforgettable!
Our kegs are offered in a variety of sizes, subject to availability. Those sizes include 1/2 BBL, 1/4 BBL, and 1/6 BBL. Fun fact: “BBL” stands for “Barrel of Beer.” A full barrel contains 31 gallons! A standard keg size is a 1/2 BBL, which holds half that amount. Use this handy guide to select the best size for your event:

1/2 BBL15.5 Gallons165 12oz beersGood for 40-80 ppl
1/6 BBL5.16 Gallons55 12oz beersGood for 10-30 ppl*

*For fewer than 10 people consider our 64-ounce growlers.

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