Brewing Process

Horse Thief Hollow beer starts with the finest fresh milled barley. Our hops are both sourced locally and around the world, and yeasts are delivered specifically for each beer. Extreme detail is given in hand crafting each of our beers, and we never use adjuncts or cheap ingredients. Here’s a quick breakdown of how we make our beer.


Milling cracks the grains and makes it easier for them to absorb the water that they are mixed with which extracts sugars from the malt.

Mash Tun

Mashing combines the milled grain with water and heats it in a mash tun.


Boiling the malt extracts called wort, ensures sterility. During the boil hops are added which contribute bitterness, flavour, and aroma to the beer.


After the wort is cooled and aerated – usually with sterile air – yeast is added. The yeast caused to ferment and create alcohol


At this stage the beer is cooled to around freezing which settles the yeast and causes proteins to coagulate and settle out with the yeast.