Pink Pom Pom beer for Mother's Day

Mom, How About a Pink Pom Pom?

May 11, 2017

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Neil and Dave are brewing up a juicy batch of Pink Pom Pom, a pomegranate and cherry Hefeweizen that’s become a HTH tradition.

It’s brewing for a cause: this fruit-infused wheat beer benefits the Beverly Breast Cancer Walk and Little Company of Mary’s Breast Health Center. Proceeds will go to help provide screenings and support for patients at Little Company who could not otherwise afford it.

Neil and his chief brewer Dave tested several juices—including strawberry and raspberry—before settling on the cherry and pomegranate combo in their final recipe.

“Pom juice delivers a tart bite, while the cherry brings some sweetness,” explains Neil. “There’s a great balance of tart, sweet, soft, and refreshing.”

This May marks the fourth year Horse Thief has brewed Pink Pom Pom. When Neil tapped the first batch in 2013, one memory in particular stands out. A group of 15 women came in for a few pints of Pink Pom Pom. A few of them were battling breast cancer, had heard about the beer, and chose Horse Thief to gather for their ladies’ night out. “I felt connected to them, that I had helped bring good times to their lives in this small way,” he recalls.

HTH brews Pink Pom Pom just once a year in May and June. Check out the other seasonal brews planned for 2017, and enjoy a few pints of Pom before the kegs run dry!